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An International, graduate university located on the shores of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia
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Founded in 1833, Stephens College is a private women's college that educates women in the liberal arts and prepares them for professional success in a supportive environment. Stephens is the second-oldest women's college in the United States, with more than 600 full-time undergraduate students and 400 graduate and continuing education students.

For nearly 180 years, Stephens College has been educating women to become leaders and valuable contributors to the betterment of our society. We invite you to learn more about our dynamic institution by inquiring or browsing our website.

Academic Programs:

We offer the following areas of study:

English/Creative Writing
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Integrated Media
Legal Studies

Stephens is committed to preparing students with a rigorous academic program that includes pre-professional study and core studies of the liberal arts. Stephens offers more than 20 undergraduate majors and four graduate degrees. The College's performing arts, digital film and fashion design programs are well reputed and nationally recognized.

Stephens College is known for our commitment to student success. Our campus culture offers a supportive and values-driven living and learning environment, a low faculty-student ratio that encourages individual attention, hands-on experience in the major beginning in a student's first year, and resources inside and outside the classroom to build students' skills, knowledge and confidence.

History and Traditions
Stephens College was founded in 1833 to meet the educational needs of the young women growing up in the newly settled frontier of the Western United States. Since then, Stephens College has evolved into a nationally known educator of women, recognized for its innovative, experience-based approach to education.

As a historic institution, Stephens College has many unique and cherished traditions that foster a community spirit among students, faculty and alumnae as they enrich the overall college experience.

Perhaps the most meaningful of these traditions is that of the Ten Ideals, which originated in 1921 to represent the overall ideals of Stephens College. Each year, 10 students are selected as personifications of individual Ideals. The Ten Ideals (as revised in 1983) are Respect, Courage, Independence, Support, Sensitivity, Responsibility, Belief, Creativity, Intelligence and Leadership.

Students at Stephens CollegeApplying for Admissions
Stephens College is pleased to work with students in their pursuit of admission to an American college. Students should submit the following materials directly to Stephens College:

  • A completed International Student Application for Admission (PDF).
  • Verification of secondary school completion and official copy of transcripts.
  • Certification of finances.
  • Official results of a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) completed within the last two years.
  • Audition video/photo/resume (Dance applicants only).

At this time, Stephens College does NOT require entrance exam scores equivalent to the ACT or SAT by international students.

The chart below describes entrance requirements/what College officials are looking for from each submitted document and step.

Student must submit: Stephens College is looking for:
International Student Application
  • The ability to present self through written English communication.
  • General information regarding schools and programs attended, experience traveling abroad, experience communicating in English.
Verification of secondary school completion/Copy of high school transcripts
  • Students must have completed the equivalent of a United States High School Diploma to earn a college degree.
  • Students should have the equivalent of a 2.5 grade point average on a United States 4.0 scale.
TOEFL A score of 79 for the Internet test, or 550 for paper, is required for entrance in Fall 2012.
Certification of finances No institutional or government financial assistance is available for international students. Students and their families must be able to pay all tuition and fees set by the College.
Audition video/photo/resume (for Dance applicants only)    The video, photo and resume will be reviewed by faculty in the Dance department to assess current level of the dancer to ensure fit with the Stephens program.
Skype Visit College officials welcome the opportunity to meet with prospective students via Skype. Officials will look for ability to speak and comprehend in English, as well as a student’s fit in regard to Stephens and our academic programs. The intent is for the student to be successful in college classes taught in English.

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Andrew Magana, Admissions Ambassador

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