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Estimated Programme

Per academic year
15 credits per semester

Tuition   $7,500.00
Room and
Living Expenses   $2000.00
Application Fee   $100.00
TOTAL: $15,600.00

Per academic year
12 credits per semester

Tuition   $10,000.00
Room and
Living Expenses   $2,000.00
Application Fee   $100.00
TOTAL: $18,100.00

English Programme
10-week session

Tuition   $2,500.00
Room and
Living Expenses   $500.00
Application Fee   $100.00
TOTAL: $4,600.00

*All fees and expenses subject to change.
UCC & UOL Bachelor's Degrees
  • Business Administration
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business Administration with Marketing
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Economics & Finance
  • International Relations
  • Mathematics & Economics
  • Psychology
  • Law
UCC & UOL Master's Degrees
  • Business Administration
  • Commonwealth Executive MBA
  • Commonwealth Executive MPA
  • Education
  • Environmental Management
English as a Second Language Programme
  • Intermediate ESL
  • Advanced ESL

UCC Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Freshman (1st Year)

  • Equivalent of a 'B' average in High School
  • Certificate or Diploma of completion from High School
  • Proof of competence in English
Transfer Students

  • 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Transfers from other colleges outside the Caribbean should complete at least 30 transferable units or credits (i.e: 1 year of studies)
University of London Admission Requirements

Standard Entry Route

  • Passes in two 'A' levels (Grade A-E) plus 3 'O' levels (Grade A-C) or
  • Passes in three 'A' levels (Grade A-E) plus 1 'O' level (Grade - C)
  • Pass in recognized English language proficiency test (GCE/GCSE 'O' level at Grade C or better) or evidence of acceptable proficiency in English obtained within the last three years (TOEFL score of 580 or 237 on the computerised test or iBT score of 92 or the Test of Written English (TWE) score of 4.5 or IELTS overall score of 6.0).
Graduate Admission

  • Second class honours degree
  • Pass in recognized English language proficiency test (such as, a score of 7.0 in the IELTS test or a score of 600 in the paper-based test (PBT), or 100 in the Internet test (iBT) or demonstrated requisite proficiency for admission.
  • Work experience and references
  • Computer/internet access.

Application Deadlines:

July 31 for Fall Admission
October 1 for Spring Admission

July 31 for Fall Admission
October 1 for Spring Admission

ICESL Intensive Academic
Preparation (IAP) Programme

July 31 for Fall Admission
October 1 for Spring Admission
March 30 for Summer Admission

English Language Proficiency Requirement for UCC programmes
IELTS or TOEFL is NOT required but students must satisfy UCC's English language requirements before UCC can make a full offer of place.

Full-time study for two years or a bachelor's degree from an institution where the principal instruction was English is acceptable.

Conditional Admission
Students seeking undergraduate or graduate admission without proficiency in English may receive a conditional offer into a degree programme based on successful completion of the UCC's ESL preparatory programme(s) offered through the International Centre for English as a Second Language.

International Centre for English as a Second Language*
The International Centre for English as a Second Language (ICESL) offers an Intensive Academic Preparation programme at the intermediate and the advanced levels for students planning to study at UCC, Florida International University (FIU) or the University of London (UOL) in Jamaica.

ICESL offers these 10-week English programmes throughout the year (Spring, Fall and Summer). Students in the Intensive Academic Programme with appropriate English proficiency can take one undergraduate class per semester for one credit as Open University students at no additional tuition cost.

Upon arrival, students will be required to complete a short diagnostic/placement test so they can be placed in the class which is most suitable to their linguistic ability. Students who successfully complete the Intensive Academic Programme will be fully admitted to UCC without a TOEFL/IELTS/TWE score.

*Note: The International Centre for English as a Second Language (ICESL) is an independent subsidiary of UCC.

  • UCC programmes are accredited by the recognised regional Accreditation Body, and the institution is regarded as one of the top private universities in the Caribbean. UCC is an affiliate/recognized Institution of the University of London (UOL). UOL is internationally accredited and recognized as one of the most prestigious universities in the World.
  • UCC's main campuses are located in Kingston and Montego Bay, Jamaica, in the main tourist resort areas. Jamaica is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and enjoys an idyllic tropical maritime climate in the Caribbean.
  • Kingston and Montego Bay are medium-sized, safe, suburban cities located approximately 935 kilometers (75 minutes) south of Miami, USA.
  • UCC has been making significant investment in new buildings, information technologies and a state-of-the art library as it seeks to build capacity and relevance.
  • Our outstanding professors teach small classes and give students their personal attention.
  • Students have the option of staying at apartment style residences with high-speed internet, or designated hotels or in private homes. UCC shuttle buses will be available.
  • UCC's growing number of student clubs and recreational activities will offer great opportunities to meet other students from diverse cultures.


University Contact Information
The International Office
University College of the Caribbean
17 Worthington Avenue
Kingston 8
Telephone: +1 (876) 665-3000
Fax: +1 (876) 968-1926/968-4964




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