Study English in California

Once you have made the decision to study English in America, you still must deal with the choice of which location in the United States is best for you.

If you have never travelled in the United States before, it is difficult to imagine the huge variety of environmental and cultural differences which can be found in our country. However, if you wish to explore American culture in the context of one of its most vibrant and forward-looking areas, you should definitely consider coming to Southern California.

Study English in California

The International Study Guides invited Brian Henry of the FLS Language Centres to introduce us to the movie capital of the world. Southern California is home to the motion picture and television industry, and this means that what happens in Los Angeles and the surrounding area has a huge influence on the rest of the globe.

When you visit the Los Angeles area, you are visiting a city unique for its incredible cultural diversity. These factors, combined with L.A.’s strategic location on the Pacific Rim, mean that a trip to Los Angeles is a little like a trip to the future of the rest of the world.

Climate and Surroundings

Whether you enjoy the beach, the mountains or the desert, Southern California can provide you with the ideal environment for outdoor enjoyment. The temperature in Los Angeles usually ranges from 60 -80 degrees Fahrenheit, although the famous California summers are very sunny and hot.

Even on the hottest days, however, the beach is never far away. Surfing, sailing and all of the other water sports are extremely popular in Southern California and there are many public beaches where you can enjoy these activities. Don’t forget that only about two hours from the beach lie such popular ski resorts as Big Bear and Mammoth.

The Southern California area is rarely humid, and the average annual rainfall is only about 14 inches. Snow never falls in the Los Angeles area proper, only in the local mountains.

While Los Angeles itself is a bustling, urban environment, it is surrounded by safe and quiet suburban areas, featuring neighbourhoods that are well-landscaped and maintained. This means that the international student can stay in a calm, secure environment, while still being close to the advantages of a major metropolitan centre.

Another advantage to L.A.’s , pluralistic cultural scene, is that if you ever become homesick for your home country’s cuisine, you are sure to find a number of fine restaurants that serve the food you crave. Whether you are looking for food from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Greece, Argentina, France or the Middle East, you are sure to find plenty of restaurants in L.A. that serve your favourite specialities.

Entertainment Capital of the U.S.

One of the main reasons that students come to Los Angeles is to enjoy the world-famous attractions that have made the area a popular destination for years. Of course, Southern California is the home to Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry Farm - theme parks that promise to provide a full day of excitement to visitors.

Visitors also have the opportunity to see such famous locales as Hollywood, with its Walk of Fame, Beverly Hills, with its extravagant mansions, Rodeo Drive, the home of designer shopping, Melrose Avenue, with its funky boutiques and cafes and Malibu Beach, the perfect place to watch a sunset. If you are searching for stars, try taking a tour of one of L.A.’s TV or movie studios, get tickets to watch a taping of a popular TV show, or hang out at some of the trendiest nightclubs anywhere.

As a visitor to Los Angeles, you will find that L.A. is not only the home to the movie and TV industry, but also a vibrant centre of activity for music, theatre, sports, and other cultural events. Music fans, depending on their taste, can enjoy the world-class concerts of the L.A. Philharmonic, the vibrant, cutting-edge rock scene of Sunset Boulevard with clubs devoted to hard rock, punk, ska and reggae, or the many comfortable restaurants and bars featuring top jazz musicians.

Sports fans can see some of the most popular athletes in American play for the L.A. Dodgers, the L.A. Lakers, the Mighty Ducks or the Angels. The fine arts are also well represented in L.A., with such museum of Contemporary of Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the city’s newest cultural institution, the Getty Centre for the Arts.

A Destination for Education

Perhaps most importantly for international students, Southern California is home to some of America’s most prestigious colleges and universities. In the greater Los Angeles area, you will find such renown institutes as UCLA, UC Irvine, Cal Tech, Loyola Marymount, USC and Pepperdine.

These universities are supported and complemented by a huge network of state colleges and community colleges, which offer special services and programs for international students. The impressive research facilities, huge libraries and extensive programs of these schools provide opportunities for almost any conceivable educational goal. In addition, Southern California is home to a wide variety of vocational schools which can provide services to meet virtually any student need.

If you are looking for one place which offers everything, Los Angeles is your choice. Great weather, varied environments, a vibrant culture and endless educational opportunities: they are all here in Southern California.

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