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Distance Learning in US
Distance Learning in US. Internet heralds Distance Learning Boom. In 1998, 60 percent of US educational institutions provided Distance Learning courses according to figures released last month by the U.S. Education Department's national Center for Education Statistics (NCES). This is a drastic increase on the figure of 28% from 1995 and makes distance learning courses the fastest growing area in the education industry today. Although video is still the most popular method of distance learning, at least 25% of the courses used the internet as the method of communication, a large increase on the 1995 figures.

Distance Learning in the USA
Distance Learning in the USA. Distance learning, also known as correspondence study or independent study, is any non-traditional educational process which exists outside a classroom setting. Courses are taken by students in their own homes using a variety of means, from traditional pen and paper correspondence, to lectures delivered by videos or by computer.