Five ways to spend your summer holiday in the USA

Has your first year at an American university been a blur? Feel like you haven’t experienced enough of American culture? Welcome to the summer – and America is your playground.  

You could get a clichéd summer job: serve coffee at Starbucks, work as a cashier at a clothing store, the list goes on... or you could go out and explore the great country that is the United States of America! Below is a list of five out of the hundreds of exciting ways you can spend your summer in the States.

  1. Take a road trip

    Yes, it’s been done many times before but it’s fun. You’ve seen the movies depicting all the fun that all the Americans have on road trips, now it’s your turn. Take a few friends, or go out on your own and find yourself! Jack Kerouac did it! That worked out pretty well for him. Go out and discover everything that America has to offer.

  2. Go to Burning Man

    Burning Man is a week-long annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. The event begins on the last Monday in August, and ends on the first Monday in September, which coincides with the American Labor Day holiday. So what is Burning Man? It’s kind of like a festival but it isn’t. Burning Man is community. A gathering that embraces everything from art installations to live music, with an effigy burnt on the final night.

  3. Take a ride in old man river

    The most famous river in America located in Mississippi also known as the Mississippi river. This river has been referenced time and time again in popular culture. Mark Twain used the Mississippi in many of his works. Imagine what it would be like to ride on the same river as Huckleberry Finn?

  4. Go to Graceland

    Why not take a trip down to the home of the legend that is Elvis and discover why the king will live on forever. Even if you’re not a fan, the experience will make it all worthwhile. The place has been opened for tours since 1982 and prices range from $27 to $68.

  5. Go and see a Broadway musical

    The experience of a Broadway musical is a once in a life time experience! But be warned, book in advance, tickets for the big show may be high but you could always get yourself a cheap seat at the back.

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