The United States Information Service


The United States Information Service's mission is to understand, inform and influence foreign publics in the promotion of the national interest; and to broaden the dialogue between Americans, their institutions and their counterparts abroad.



Benin (USIS)
Mauritius (Embassy, USIS)
Zambia (Embassy, USIS)

American Republics

Argentina (USIS)
Bolivia (Embassy, USIS)

Brasilia (Embassy)
Rio de Janeiro (Consulate)
São Paulo (USIS)
Chile (Embassy, USIS)
Costa Rica (Embassy)
El Salvador (Embassy)

Mexico City (Embassy, USIS) Panama (USIS)
Peru (Embassy, USIS)
Uruguay (Embassy, USIS)

East Asia and Pacific

Australia (Embassy, USIS)

China - Beijing (Embassy,)
Indonesia (Embassy, USIS)
Japan Fukuoka (Consulate)
Osaka/Kobe (Consulate)

Laos (Embassy)
Malaysia (Embassy, USIS)
New Zealand - Auckland (Consulate)
Singapore (Embassy)

(Embassy, USIS)
Chiang Mai (Consulate)


Belgium (Embassy)
Bulgaria (Embassy)
Canada (Embassy)
Croatia (Embassy)
Cyprus (Embassy, USIS)
Czech Republic (Embassy, USIS)
Denmark (Embassy)
Estonia (Embassy)
Finland (Embassy, USIS)
France (Embassy, USIS)
Georgia (Embassy, USIS)
Germany - Hamburg (Consulate)
Great Britain (Embassy, USIS)
Greece (Embassy)
Hungary (Embassy, USIS)
Iceland (Embassy, USIS)
Ireland (Embassy)
Italy (Embassy, USIS)
Latvia (Embassy, USIS)
Lithuania (Embassy, USIS)

The Hague (Embassy, USIS) Amsterdam (Consulate)
Norway (Embassy, USIS)
Poland Warsaw (Embassy, USIS) Krakow (USIS)
Romania (Embassy, USIS)
Russia Vladivostok (Consulate, USIS)
Serbia-Montenegro (Embassy, USIS)
Slovakia (Embassy, USIS)
Spain (Embassy)
Sweden (Embassy, USIS)
Switzerland (Embassy)
Turkey Ankara (Embassy, USIS)
Istanbul (Consulate, USIS)
Ukraine (Embassy, USIS)
Uzbekistan (Embassy, USIS)

Near East and North Africa

Bahrain (Embassy, USIS)
Egypt (Embassy, USIS)
Israel ( Embassy, USIS)
Lebanon (Embassy, USIS)
Qatar (Embassy, USIS)
United Arab Emirates (Embassy, USIS)

South Asia

Bangladesh (Embassy, USIS)
Nepal (Embassy, USIS)
Pakistan - Lahore (USIS)

International Organizations

European Union (Mission)
United Nations (New York) (Mission)
United Nations (Geneva) (Mission)
NATO (Mission)

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