What is an Internship?

What is an Internship?

An internship is a work-related learning experience for individuals who wish to develop hands on work experience in a certain occupational field. Most internships are temporary assignments that last approximately three months up to a year.

What are some advantages of International Internships? With the development of economies and globalization, exposure to international business and culture is becoming a necessary and valuable experience for college graduates entering the job market. An international experience in an academic program brings a significant edge to individuals when seeking career employment. Employers are always looking for persons who are self-confident, worldly and knowledgeable of a multicultural world. Successful completion of an international internship will further develop characteristics, which are desired by companies in the real business world.

An internship is an excellent way to determine if the industry and the profession is the best career option to pursue. Interns not only gain practical work experience in a field that they intend to pursue but also build experience in international platforms.

Internships help individuals to combine theory with practical work experience.

Internships helps develop professional work habits; provides an understanding of corporate cultures, gives an opportunity to analyze international business settings, offers platforms to compare differences in work styles. Internships taken internationally offers the privilege to observe differences in businesses, and see how projects are handled in different cultures, which might be conducted differently in the intern’s home country.

Internship s may present a potential for an offer of full time employment. International work experience is the most beneficial advantage that can be acquired by completing an internship. For students or fresh graduates, having this work experience on their resume can be the best way to get the foot in the door. This can result in more job offers as compared to individuals who lack such work experience. With globalization, more and more, employers are looking for individuals who have an international background , and that is where the advantage comes in.

What are the requirements for international students to secure an internship? Usually, internships are a part of the academic program internationals are enrolled in. Internationals need to obtain full time student status while doing their internship. Therefore, interns must maintain their F-1 student status. Because of this, legally interns can not be paid.

Completing an internship is often an excellent way of gaining actual employment in the same occupational field, as many companies hire their interns as full time employees after the internship has been completed successfully. However, if you are an international student it is rather difficult to transition from an internship to a permanent employee position in the U.S. Having said that, it becomes easier for internationals to secure a job in their home country upon their return.

What should internationals expect from an internship? Interns should expect to learn and experience the U.S. work environment, work on various projects, gain international work experience, as well as to learn about the company and industry.

Networking while interning Networking is probably one of the most significant advantages interns may have. The opportunity to meet with company managers, executives and peers is a wonderful gain for internationals. Especially if the goal is to conduct business internationally; the network will be ready for exploration. The contacts made during an internship can lead to job openings after your internship, either at the same location, or at other locations.

How can you find internships? If you are an international seeking for internship opportunities in the U.S. unfortunately, there are not many choices. You can check websites, use your network or contact companies directly. However, you will face with visa issues that will prevent you from getting an internship even though you may qualify for the position.

The best way to do an internship in the U.S. is through enrolling in an academic program such as the Diploma Programs. The Diploma Programs can take about three months up to a year or longer to complete and allow you to do an internship upon successful completion. A good Diploma Program will also guarantee students an internship site and save them from the hassle of going through the entire search process themselves. Established programs will have internship coordinators that work with students and secure companies for them. The Diploma Program must also provide the opportunity to help internationals succeed in their internships. This can be achieved by taking courses in interviewing skills, resume writing and business communication skill classes. These classes will help internationals succeed in their interviews with company managers.

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