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Study in Colorado
Study in Colorado. The Western Slope of Colorado offers unparalleled opportunities to international students, both academically and in outdoor recreation. Mesa State College located in Grand Junction, Colorado provides the academic opportunities while thousands of miles of unspoiled natural wonders provide the world-class outdoor pursuits.

Study in Louisiana
Study in Louisiana. The State of Louisiana. The culture, tradition, and natural splendor of Cajun country makes Southwestern Louisiana one of the most interesting and exciting regions of the United States. In addition to the area's rich heritage and environment, there are also important petrochemical, shipping, tourism and entertainment industries making the region a thriving and diverse one.

Study in Michigan
Study in Michigan. When you ask Michigan natives where they live, they will often hold up one hand and point to a spot on it, saying, "I live in the thumb" or, "Right about in the middle of the mitten." This behavior often confuses those unfamiliar with the area; however, looking at a map, you'll see that the lower peninsula of the state is actually shaped like a mitten. If you're looking for a place to study English that fits you like a glove, then Michigan is the place for you!

Study in Atlanta
Study in Atlanta. In 1990, Atlantans learned that their city would host the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games and when company’s coming you tend to look at your home with a fresh eye - that is just what Atlanta did for several years leading up to the 1996 summer games. Improving upon what was already in place: Atlanta developed a new stadium, new parks, and renovated the arts center. In conjunction with the games, Atlanta decided to focus on the arts and also hosted a Cultural Olympiad - bringing in visual and performing artists from around the world and showing off Atlanta’s and the Southeastern region’s finest talent.

Study in Illinois
Study in Illinois. Do you want to study in the middle of everything in America? Do you want to enjoy both a powerful global city and beautiful parks and forests? Do you want to stand in the footprints of four significant American presidents? You can do it all in the state of Illinois.

Why study in the US?
Why study in the US? Certain things immediately come to mind when we think of the USA: Big Macs, skyscrapers, the Hollywood Sign, a Star Spangled Banner, Disneyland. It must be remembered, though, once the myths surrounding its popular culture have been set aside, that the States is also home to some of the most respected and highest performing universities in the world.

Study in New England
Study in New England. Studying in New England A Tradition of Excellence. John Winthrop, twelve-time governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, began his journey to what is now New England in 1630. He left a familiar and comfortable life in England to embark on a new vision of community where individuals are "knit together … as one man, entertain each other in brotherly affections … delight in each other, mourn together and suffer together" (Journal 1630-1649).

Reasons to Study in California
Reasons to Study in California. More than 55,000 international students are enrolled in California educational institutions, making "the Golden State" the most popular place for international students who wish to continue their education in the United States. While many factors influence a student’s decision to study here, these are three major reasons to consider for selecting California as your destination for continuing education.