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How to Create a Portfolio for College
How to Create a Portfolio for College. Making a choice to attend a college that specialises in the art or design fields for some students can be a tough decision. Not only do you have to go through many of the same admissions requirements as four year universities, but also have the added pressure of submitting a portfolio of your creative work.

American Studies Degree
American Studies Degree. American Studies is not a school subject and therefore doesn’t spring quickly to mind for the majority of prospective students faced with a blank UCAS form. If, however, you are studying, or interested in, one or more of the following subjects, it could be the degree for you: Sociology, History, Politics, English Literature, Geography and Economics. For some courses, especially those with a high Popular Culture content, Media Studies could be useful too.

Study Engineering in the USA
Study Engineering in the USA. For today’s engineering student, as with many students, a wide range of educational offerings exist. A decision on which engineering program to choose can involve issues of educational quality, institutional size, program mission, faculty, placement services and educational costs.

Apply to Study in America
Apply to Study in America. The United States has the world's largest and most versatile system of higher education. Any student willing and able to study will find a suitable place to study abroad at one of more than 3000 American colleges and universities – the key is finding the right institution

Study at a Community College
Study at a Community College. For the past few years the fastest growing enrollments of international students in the United States have taken place on the campuses of America’s community colleges. One of the great treasures of American higher education, the community college system has now begun to be discovered by students from all over the world who see the advantages of institutions that are convenient, affordable, innovative, and ready to admit students from other countries.

Small Colleges in the USA
Small Colleges in the USA. The selection of a college has become more difficult for many students as they face the strain of leaving family and friends, getting the funds to pay for college, and finding work in their fields after graduation. So, a process that should be an exciting challenge, for many, turns into a burden. Often students and their families must make a life decision without enough information about all their alternatives. Information on large schools is readily available through word of mouth and media coverage. But, what can a small, independent college offer?

Social Life in USA
Social Life in USA. Your interaction with other people -- your social life -- is an integral part of your stay in the United States. To make the most of it, get ready to introduce yourself in a positive way to fellow students, professors, and other people both on- and off-campus.

Non-traditional Universities in the USA
Non-traditional Universities in the USA. Most people are familiar with traditional colleges and universities and many international students flock to these institutions each year. In addition to their educational courses, these colleges and universities offer on-campus living in dormitories, food services, athletic teams, social clubs and a variety of extracurricular activities. It is clear why many international students attend these American colleges and universities.

Why Study in America
Why Study in America. Of the 1.2 million students pursuing post secondary education outside their home countries, more than one-third choose to study in the United States. Why do so many students from all over the world choose U.S. colleges and universities? What does the United States have to offer you

Study in North America
North America is home to two giants of international education – the United States of America and Canada. This is the continent to head to if you want to make your dreams come true, from studying on the beaches of California to the snow of Alaska. Studying in America gives you the chance to head to New York, Los Angeles or Miami, while studying in Canada takes in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal amongst others.


US College Search
US College Search. Making the right choice of course and college in any foreign country is fraught with difficulties. However, it is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make, and the ability to answer the following 10 questions accurately, should go some way to helping you with this.

Choosing a college in the US
After thirty years of working with American students studying abroad and international students studying in the U.S., I realize how important it is for students to do a little research before choosing the school that best meets their needs and interests. Some time and effort spent in choosing the school can ensure a successful experience. This research should include the following:

The US excellence in education
The USA is one of the world’s most exciting places to study.

American Community Colleges
American Community Colleges. Since community colleges are unique American institutions of higher education, it is important for international students to understand the various avenues available to them upon attaining their associate’s degree or certificate.

Study in Georgia USA
Study in Georgia USA. Georgia is a state of surprising size and diversity, the largest east of the Mississippi River. It’s land stretches from the lower Appalachian Mountains southward through the hilly Piedmont surrounding Atlanta, across rolling agricultural plains to the sunny coastal beaches and barrier islands.

Study in California
Study in California. I an not ashamed to admit that I am a tourist here. By "here" I mean the state of California, where I was born and where I've lived for most of my life. Other place that I travel to a place I visit for pleasure or for business-cause me to have a different feeling. In those places, I try not to look like a tourist. I don't want to be singled out as that comical figure, the one who stands out as oddly dressed, somewhat lost, gawking and awed by all that I see. No, when I travel, I try to maintain a certain world weary, I've seen it al demeanour. Yet here, in my own birthplace, I gawk, I ogle, I succumb to awe. I am the dictionary definition of tourist. And, reflecting on this behaviour, I have to ask myself why.

Study in San Diego - America's finest city
Study in San Diego. Located in the south-western most corner of the California, San Diego is considered the birthplace of the state. Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo landed San Diego's Point Loma area in 1542, claiming the area for Spain. Spanish rule in California ended in 1821, and subsequently Mexico and America fought over rights to the land for many years. In 1850 California became the 31st state in the U.S., the same year San Diego was declared a city.

Study in Orange County
Life doesn’t get any better than this! Welcome to Orange County, "the greatest place to live in North America," according to the Los Angeles Times. The county’s Mediterranean climate, dynamic job growth, higher education, and opportunities for arts and recreation bring tourists and new residents from across the country and around the world. Here you can explore attractions that range from Spanish missions to the internationally known amusement park, Disneyland. Within easy reach are desert and mountain recreation areas, as well as cosmopolitan Los Angeles and San Diego.

Study in Washington
Study in Washington. Undergraduate and graduate students can choose from a range of programs and learning environments: from science and technology at the University of Washington or Washington State University, for example, to education, music and psychology programs at Central Washington University.

College Transfer Credits
College Transfer Credits. Transferring to a four-year College or University from a Community or Two-year College in the U.S. might have tremendous advantages that will help you succeed in your goal, even though the path may be confusing at first.

The Great Lakes Region of the USA
The Great Lakes region of the United States is located in the east central part of North America and constitutes a large section of the border with Canada. The five Great Lakes - Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior - are the world’s largest group of freshwater lakes. Much of this region comprises the Upper Midwest of the United States and constitutes one of the traditional mainstays of higher education.

Study in the USA - Quality, Options & Support
Study in the USA. Close to one half million people from more than 200 nations enrolled for first university degrees, post-graduate study, professional development study and language education in the United States for the 1997-1998 academic year. The reputation for overall excellence of the higher education experience in the U.S. is the most obvious force attracting this immense flow. There are two complimentary phenomena, however, that assist channeling the bright and ambitious, young people who make up this critical movement of talent to the United States.

Community Colleges in the USA
Community Colleges in the USA. Why not begin your college education in the U.S.A. where more than 40 percent of Americans do? At one of the 1,100 local community colleges. Community Colleges in the United States are the great unsung heroes of American Higher Education. In fact, even for Americans and certainly for those overseas, they are not just unsung. Their importance is frequently unknown. These colleges in every state are the best value for the dollar. They are the most accessible, have reasonable tuition, outstanding faculty and convenient locations. Anyone with a high school diploma can be considered for admission to a community college.

California's Community Colleges
California’s Community Colleges. We invited Karen Kautz from Long Beach City College to outline the benefits of beginning a higher education in California at one of the Community Colleges. From all over the world, foreign scholars arrive in the United States to avail themselves of the high standards of American educational facilities. The California Community Colleges are accepting increasing numbers of foreign students as the advantages of beginning ones’ educational career at this level become apparent. Advantages include smaller classes, lower tuition costs, easier entrance requirements, flexibility of class schedules, orientation to American college, accessible faculty and staff, and a comprehensive education program.