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Environmental Studies in the USA
Environmental Studies in the USA. An unusual program to help create a better living environment Environmental Studies centres on the relationships between people, culture and nature. Moving into the next century, the quality of human interactions with our biosphere is critically important to sustaining a high quality life.

Nursing Education in the USA
Nursing Education in the USA. Quality health care is an issue of concern worldwide and Nursing can and must play a major and global role in transforming the healthcare environment. To this end, many international nurses are being sponsored by their governments to attend educational programs in the United States to prepare them to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Study Genetic Engineering in USA
Study Genetic Engineering in USA. Dr. Koetje was the featured speaker, and he was talking about the somewhat simple procedure of matching select pieces of genetic information (deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA) to their host organism. He and his undergraduates do DNA fingerprinting routinely as part of their required work in the courses he teaches at the State University of New York College of Fredonia. It was in this biology department that the first undergraduate major in genetic engineering was created in New York State. Courses like the ones Dr. Koetje is teaching now didn’t exist at Fredonia 20 years ago.

Chemistry of Materials
Chemistry of Materials. Chemical materials are all around us: in our cars (polymers, alloys), in the buildings we live in (cements, metals) and in the clothes we wear (polymers, pigments). Other more hidden uses of chemical materials include, medicine (bio-materials, magnetic resonance imaging machines) or technology (laser discs, magnetic energy storage). Synthetic and natural chemical materials can be seen in structural, bio-supportive, responsive and cosmetic situations everywhere.