Scholarships in Australia

Funding opportunities for overseas students who are looking to study in Australia might be harder to find than they are for other countries (Australia is a popular choice and a fairly sought after location, after all) – but this isn’t to say that they are nonexistent. It might just mean that you need to work exceptionally hard to be in the running for one – or that you should look for scholarships directly offered by the universities themselves, rather than from the government or larger bodies.

Universities throughout Australia are crying out for talented international students to come and share their drive and ambition, and the financial rewards that they are offering reflect this.

Scholarships in Australia

The University of New South Wales offers scholarships on basis of merit or need, as well as in other more general cases – for example for outstanding academic achievement. Winners of the International High Achiever Scholarship, for which those with high academic attainment are automatically entered when they apply to the university, will be awarded between $2000 and $26,000 for one year – approximately £1360-£17,660. Also at UNSW is the Bill Pardy University Challenge Award. The scholarship awards money to students who have completed at least one year of study, to help them contribute to the overall cultural life of the university.

The University of Technology Sydney has scholarships for both incoming and current international students. Over forty scholarships are available, in everything ranging from engineering to business to doctoral law to leadership.

Similarly, Griffith University in Queensland has over 400 scholarships and AUD$4m on offer. It has specific scholarships for international students from Denmark, Botswana, South Africa, Canada, France, Germany and Mexico. Mexican students commencing at Griffith are eligible for ten partial tuition fee scholarships through the FUNED programme, which could give a 20% reduction in their total tuition fees. 

South African students will have two semesters of tuition covered in the South Africa 2012 Scholarship, whilst those from Canadian partner schools are in the running for the same with the Canadian Colleges Scholarship. For students from other countries, postgraduate coursework and research grants are available.

As long as you are dedicated, have proven academic ability and good character (this is often a requirement) there is no reason why you shouldn’t be in the running for a scholarship from an Australian university. For more information on scholarship opportunities visit Degrees Ahead, or visit the websites of the individual universities.

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