Student Accommodation in Australia

Finding somewhere to live can be a daunting task, especially for those who have never lived away from home before. When the accommodation you are looking for is abroad it makes the process even harder. However there are always things that you can do to make finding a room that little bit easier.

There are a number of options available for overseas students looking for accommodation in Australia. It is very likely that at least for the first year of your studies you will be provided with university accommodation, which benefits from being within easy reach of all services – lecture theatres, student bars, etc. You also have the option of private accommodation off campus, or of taking part in a homestay.

Student Accommodation in Australia

Halls of residence

On campus accommodation will be organised by the university; you should contact them to find out exactly what the process is. As a first year student and an international, you may be guaranteed a room. Staying in residence halls is likely to be the easiest way to settle into the university life, since everything you need will be close by. Campus accommodation will provide a huge amount of security, too.

Private accommodation

If you need to find somewhere to rent, make sure you sort yourself out with temporary accommodation before you set off to Australia – whether this is a temporary rental, or a room in a hotel or hostel. Finding somewhere to live will be much easier once you are in the country, especially because you will want to visit places before you move in. It isn’t a good idea to agree to live somewhere without checking it out first.

Private rent prices in Australia are high, and you will have to be sufficiently prepared in case the costs increase whilst you are out there. A shortage of good quality housing might also make finding somewhere tough.  You should look in newspapers for rooms that are being advertised, as well as online forums.

Your university may also be able to give out a list of approved landlords; this will be especially useful if you are looking to live with other students. Contact the university’s international office.


Homestays are available in lots of countries, but in Australia there is also the option of a farmstay – which is essentially the same thing, but in a more rural location. Home and farmstays are not so far from the university that you will be isolated, and you will benefit from all the home comforts that come from living with a family. Homestays are especially useful for younger students, or those that have never lived away from home before. There are catered and self-catered options.

How much does it cost?

The Australian government’s official guidelines predict these weekly costs for accommodation, depending on what standard you choose:
Homestay           AUD$110 - $270 (approximately £70-£173, $114-$279 or €86-€212)
Private rental     AUD$100 - $400 (£64-£256, $103-$412, or €78-€313)
Campus                AUD$80 - $250 (£51-£160, $83-$258 or €63-€196)

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