Apply to study in Australia

The thought of applying to a university overseas can be daunting, especially because the processes you need to go through might be different to what you expect. Luckily, Australian universities have made the process of application for international students as straightforward as possible.

Unlike in the UK, where a centralised system is used, in Australia you must apply to the universities you want to study at directly.  This can often be done online, via the website of the university in question.

Before you start your application, you need to make sure you are certain which courses you want to apply for. Remember to study the entry requirements carefully – certain grades are one part of your application, but competitive courses may ask for other things (such as admissions tests and interviews) in order to make sure you are up to scratch.

Once you have looked into these things you are in a position where you can pay the admission fee and apply – look at the specific university’s websites to find out where you can do this, and how much the fee is likely to be.

How to apply to an Australian university

Applying online will probably be done through the faculty website. You will go through a few stages, which will see you filling in personal details, information about your academic qualifications, and additional things – whether you need to register for admissions tests for your chosen course, or submit portfolios of work, for example.

Personal information, such as ethnicity, will be asked for – don’t worry about this; it is only so that universities can measure how inclusive they are in terms of minorities, in order to make the application process fair for everyone. All the information that you provide will be kept confidential.

You will probably also be asked to provide copies of relevant documents, for example exam transcripts, to prove your academic potential.

Double check your application form

Remember to leave enough time before the university admission deadlines to make sure you can apply to all the courses you want. Make sure you look over your application, make changes, and get it looked over by tutors, friends, parents – anyone that you can. New eyes may see things that could easily be changed, giving your application more of an edge. You shouldn’t be scared to ask for as much help as you think you need, from as many people as possible – your future is at stake here!

Most of all, make sure your form is carefully considered, and shows you to the best of your ability – it might be the only chance you get to prove yourself to the admissions tutor, if your course doesn’t require an interview or other supporting materials.

You need to pitch yourself as a perfect candidate for the course – get it right, and you could be spending three or four years in Australia. With it will come a world-class learning experience, a relaxed lifestyle and unquestionably high quality of life, plentiful work and internship opportunities, and the chance to stay out there afterwards -  what could be better than that?
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