English Language Courses in Canada

Canada is well known for its language schools, the majority of which specialise in teaching English. The best schools are found in Montreal (Quebec, in the east of the country and close to the US border), Toronto, just across the water from New York State, and Vancouver, British Columbia, which has traditionally been a hub for the international student population of the country.

There are of course smaller language schools across Canada, particularly in cities such as Ottawa, Winnipeg and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Really, where you choose to study depends on kind of experience you are looking for during your language studies. Most schools have between 50 and 200 students, but the larger schools may have over 500 – so there will be multiple opportunities for you to meet other international students.

University English language courses    

Most public universities offer English language programmes, but there is also the option to go private. One of the benefits of private language schools is that they often offer internships as part of their courses, which means that their students get the chance to practice their new language skills in a working environment before they finish the course.

Vancouver is a popular destination for those looking to study English, largely because of its bustling social scene. It has become a place where a large number of English teachers qualify. One of its top schools for language learning is the Vancouver English Centre.
Toronto is an up and coming location in the world of language learning, and is becoming more and more popular with international students who are looking to broaden their language skills. If you want to study English here you could look into the English Language School of Canada, Hansa Language Centre of Toronto or the Host International School of English – all of these are very well respected language schools.

Another popular option for international students is Montreal. There is very strong French history and culture in this part of the country, but English language teaching does not suffer because of this – Montreal remains one of the main hubs for English learning. Its top schools include Ecole Charade, Ecole de Langues de l’Estrie Inc. and Ecole Langues de Montreal.
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