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English Language Courses in Canada
Canada is well known for its language schools, the majority of which specialise in teaching English. The best schools are found in Montreal (Quebec, in the east of the country and close to the US border), Toronto, just across the water from New York State, and Vancouver, British Columbia, which has traditionally been a hub for the international student population of the country.

English as a Second Language
When international students wish to study English, they could not find a more ideal location than Canada. Whether you wish to study for a month-long general English course, or are continuing your postgraduate studies, Canada is the perfect place to study for your English Proficiency Test, on the path to continuing your international education. Linda Paton, Cambridge/TOEFL Advisor at Canadian Cascadia International College tells us why...

Learn English in Canada
High amidst Canada's Coastal Mountain range, nestled in an emerald valley where regal, snow-frocked mountains quietly stand and blue skies reign, perches Whistler Village.

Studying English in Ontario
So you want to study English. Are you afraid of flying? No? Then get ready to open your parachute and jump. If you catch a prevailing wind, you’ll end up in Canada, probably in the province of Ontario (which means ‘Beautiful Water’), and quite likely in the beautiful city of Toronto.