Living & Studying in Canada

Canada, with its ten provinces and two territories, is well known for its space: vast expanses of prairie and forest with not a building in sight. Indeed Canada contains an overwhelming variety of natural beauty. No matter where you study in Canada, interesting and even breathtaking landscapes are usually just a short walk or bus ride away.
General Considerations
Why Canada?

Canada - Rich in Education options

Canada - Diverse, Vibrant and Dynamic

Distance Learning

Canadian Online Education Opportunities

English Language

English Language Studies in Vancouver

English as a second language in Canada

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Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology

Some Important Questions
Am I eligible to study in Canada?
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Immigration & Employment

Student Visas for Canada

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Possible Destinations

Study in Nova Scotia, Canada

Montreal - The Best of Both Worlds

Toronto - One of The Safest Cities to Visit and Walk

Welcome to Alberta - A Great Place to Live and Study

Broaden Your Horizons - Study in Alberta

Destination Ottawa - A Capital Advantage

Hamilton, Ontario - Small City - Great Opportunities

Studying on Prince Edward Island

Studying in British Columbia

Universities in British Columbia

Living & Learning

How to Revise

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