Student Accommodation in Canada

Staying in university accommodation is often the best option for new students – especially international ones, who might find it more difficult than home students to get private rented accommodation. It is generally expected that most first and second year students in Canada will live in residence halls on campus. 

This is the best way to meet other students, whilst also giving you the chance to throw yourself into campus life. Another advantage is that everything you need –lecture theatres, other students, support services– will all be within walking distance. The fact that the only people on campus are lecturers and other students also makes university residence a particularly safe choice.

You should expect to share a bathroom, kitchen and common room, and you are also likely to have a roommate – in most cases you can contact them before you move in so that you can begin to get to know each other. Meals are likely to be provided.

Average cost – CDN$3000-$7500 per year

Renting a flat in Canada

Students looking to live more independently might choose to rent private accommodation off campus. The majority of students who do this choose to live with other students. A list of approved landlords or rentals might be available from your university – contact their international office to find out.

If this is not the case you may be able to find details of flats and houses in the local press once you arrive, although be aware that these will not have been vetted by the university.

Private rentals in Canada are unlikely to come with furniture, and whether or not bills are provided depends on the individual situation. It is strongly recommended that you book into a hotel or hostel for at least your first week in Canada, if you are planning on sorting out accommodation once you have arrived. Securing accommodation without visiting it first is never a good idea.

Average cost per month - shared accommodation – CND$250-$700
                                             - flat - CND$400-$1500

Homestays in Canada

Homestays are set up by the university, and provide home comforts that might make the transition into Canadian life easier for younger international students or those that have never lived away from home before. They are a good way to get used to the country’s culture, and immediately make you feel at home – you will eat your meals with the family, and be encouraged to join in with their activities. Your university will do their best to pair you with a family that shares your interests, and you are also guaranteed a private, furnished room.

Average cost – CND$400-$800 per month
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