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Studying in Vancouver
The majestic coastal mountains jut towards the sky like yearning green-clad spires and the expansive blue of the Pacific washes the sandy shores. Here, in the south-western-most pocket of Canada sits Vancouver, the jewel of a nation.

Study in Nova Scotia
Located on Canada's scenic east coast, Nova Scotia is North America's premiere seacoast destination with more than 7,400 kilometres of coastline and a rich cultural tradition shaped by the sea. Proximity to the Atlantic ocean means that Nova Scotia's climate is moderated by the Gulf Stream, a body of warm water that flows just off the coast. The weather tends to be milder in Nova Scotia, with winters wet and rainy and summers warm but rarely hot.

Study in Alberta
There are many good reasons to consider coming to Alberta for your post secondary studies. You will find a wide range of high quality educational options throughout the province, each offering academic programs in all fields ranging from certificates and diplomas to baccalaureates, masters’ and Ph.Ds. In addition, you can study in a province know for its friendliness, safety, beauty, culture and cutting edge technology.

Study in Ottawa
One of the most beautiful cities in North America, Ottawa has much to offer both those that live there the year round and those lucky enough to just come and visit or study in such ambient surroundings. Ottawa enjoys all the life and energy of a national capital. The city is flanked by stunning natural beauty and with the comparatively low population this secure happy capital is known for its gracious living, clean air, parks and varied cultural activities.

Study in Hamilton
Have you ever heard the saying that good things come in small packages? Well, Hamilton is a small city with a lot to offer. With a population of approximately 322,000, it has a convenient location, natural attractions, safety, affordability, educational opportunities, and a diversity of culture, entertainment, business and industry.

Study on Prince Edward island
Prince Edward Island is one of four Atlantic provinces located on Canada’s east coast. Charlottetown, the province’s capital, is known as the ‘birthplace of Canada’.

Study in Montreal
Study in Montreal. With its overwhelming French and American influence, Montreal has everything to offer the international student whether it be the opportunity to study in beautiful surroundings, the convenience of living in an area well-equipped with modern facilities, or simply the chance to experience the atmosphere of city rich in both history and culture.

Study in Toronto
Study in Toronto. Toronto is one of the world’s truly outstanding cities. With a population of over 3 million, Toronto is Canada’s largest city. In addition, it is the capital of Ontario, Canada’s largest province. Toronto is located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, one of the North America’s five renowned Great Lakes. Therefore, Toronto is a great place for you, the international student, to travel to, to study.