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Why study in Canada?
Home to maple syrup, mounties and the Niagara Falls, Canada is a great place to visit. Add in a high standard of living and the second highest spend on education amongst G8 countries and it could be a perfect location for your overseas study.

Application to Study in Canada
Applying to study in Canada follows a slightly different order to most countries. The first thing you need to do is to investigate and apply to the courses that you are looking to study. Canada is different to a lot of countries in that its higher education is organised by the individual provinces, rather than by the country as a whole – so the process might be slightly different, depending on which area you are applying to.

Student Accommodation in Canada
Staying in university accommodation is often the best option for new students – especially international ones, who might find it more difficult than home students to get private rented accommodation. It is generally expected that most first and second year students in Canada will live in residence halls on campus.

Student Living Costs Canada
Obviously, it is very hard to calculate how much money you will spend studying in Canada – there will be differences between individuals in everything from the amount of money spent on food to where you live to whether you decide to make frequent visits home. There are average prices for goods and entertainment that might give you an idea of what you will be spending on the basics.

Living & Studying in Canada
Canada, with its ten provinces and two territories, is well known for its space: vast expanses of prairie and forest with not a building in sight. Indeed Canada contains an overwhelming variety of natural beauty. No matter where you study in Canada, interesting and even breathtaking landscapes are usually just a short walk or bus ride away.

Am I eligible to study in Canada?
Each university has its own entrance requirements and will assess you on an individual basis. The university will determine the equivalency of your academic credentials. There is no nationwide set of entrance exams. For more details about this or any other part of the application process, contact the registrar at the university you wish to attend.

Universities in British Columbia
British Columbia has five of the top universities in Canada: the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, University of Northern British Columbia, and Royal Roads University. These institutes offer strong award winning faculty for research and teaching, the highest quality facilities available in the world, and excellent technological support for teaching and learning.