why is it important to learn Spanish?

380 million people speak Spanish around the globe. People everywhere have become aware of the importance of this language which is the fourth most spoken in the world.

Spanish is the official Language not only of Spain, but also of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and most of South America. Spanish is the second language in the United States making of it the fifth largest Spanish speaking country in the world.

Cultural Heritage

In Spain the students learn to speak Spanish and at the same time they are involved in the daily way of life of a country that has got one of the richest historical heritage. The great quantity of traditions, the spirit of the people, the sense of how life must be taken, makes Spain a place that is difficult to forget.

It is curious to see how many foreigners have settled down in Spain and the variety of the reasons they give: the friendly people, the street life, the fantastic weather, the amazing and healthy cuisine.

Culture is present in everyday life and the students will have the opportunity to see worldwide famous Museums such as the Prado and Bornemiza in Madrid, Gugenheim in Bilbao, etc… Visit historical places such as El Escorial, La Alhambra in Granada, and so many gothic and romantic cathedrals. Almost every single village in Spain has got a nice church building to admire.

The Arabs stayed in Spain for 8OO years. Some of the features of the Spanish character has been marked for this. It is also difficult not to realise the strong influence that the Arab culture left in Spain specially in the south.

Overwhelming buildings such as the Mosque of Cordoba will give good example of this.

The countryside has become so popular that numerous tours take students to remote areas where magnificent landscapes can be enjoyed and contact with rural traditions will take them to other times.

Spain has produced such artists as Velazquez, Picasso and Dali. Musicians such as Falla or Granados, or opera masters as Domingo or Carreras. Spanish fashion and design is known worldwide.

Students will find in Spain more bars, coffee houses per square meter that in any other part of the world. During the year there are always festivals in some place of the geography. Old traditions that are celebrated with such happiness and joy that will captivate the heart of the students.

The bridge to Latin America and the world

Spain is also a very modern country with an economic situation of constant development. The Spanish language has shown to be an extraordinary link with the economy of Latin-American countries.

Trade and commercial agreements in America have increased the importance of a common language that now, almost every country in this continent shares.

Around 25 million people speak Spanish in North America and the society is aware of this.

Spanish companies have established strong roots in the Latin American economies (telecommunication, tourist, media) and the economies of these countries are booming and so the importance of Spain and Spanish in all America and around the world.

Spain is a country which has a peculiar geographical situation. Being the southern limit of Europe it is also the bridge from Africa to Europe, and owes to the language the bridge to Latin America.

It is not rare to find European companies establishing themselves in Spain as a previous stage to jump on the South American countries.

Executives and workers of many international companies come to Spain to train their abilities in Spanish before they are sent to fulfil their task to Spanish speaking countries.

Studying Spanish in Spain can be very useful to help the professional future of students as there are very good schools of Spanish specialised in Business Spanish or more simple ‘Spanish to work'.

Choose a Location

Apart from the cultural heritage, the weather of Spain is one of the reasons why Spain is one of the largest tourist destinations in the world. The student may choose from many locations with different weather conditions, student atmospheres, historical sites etc.

Historical University cities such as Salamanca or Alcala are places ranking top for the quality of the teaching and the wonderful university atmosphere Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia or Malaga and many more also offer great locations to study Spanish and enjoy the Spanish culture

Espa?ol como Lengua Extranjera

The Spanish Courses offered range from short term courses for students and business people to longer courses which can last a whole year.

The student may prepare to achieve some of the Official certificates of The Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain which is known as D.E.L.E. There are three different Diploma according to the level achieved (Initial Certificate, Basic Diploma and Superior Diploma).

In addition to them some other important certificates can be obtained such as the Certificate of Spanish for Business from the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and University of Alcala (Basic and Superior).

Spanish, a Language of the future

The Spanish speaking population of the world is growing and the importance of communication enhances the importance of Spanish.

Many people now enjoy the possibility of communicating in Spanish after learning it and finding it to be more than a language. The cross cultural understanding is essential for the future, and Spanish, a language born and made of the encounters of cultures will ease this.

To learn Spanish in Spain gives the chance to reach a different approach to life that, whether like it or not, span the view and criteria so necessary for living.

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