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Tourism is booming business, we know that because the Netherlands Institute of Tourism and Transport Studies is one of the oldest educational centres for tourism. The Institute exists since 1966 and has developed into one of the best known centres of expertise in tourism in Europe. Because of its volume the Institute is able to develop this expertise and also to develop further educational specialist areas. The curricula are constantly innovated. An example is the development of a specialism in sustainable tourism development.

Action learning Real-life case studies are an essential part of the educational programmes at NHTV. The projects address problems taken straight from the professional world. In that way NHTV teaches and trains students how to act succesfully as a professional. Education mirrors the professional practice by doing so. Students are challenged to work together indepently and efficiently.

Your planning Because of its size, the tourism programmes can offer you several possibilities to study at NHTV. You can choose one or several modules, but you can also choose the full programme.

NHTV offers several Master programmes. Those concerning tourism and hospitality management have been developed within a network of prominent European educational institutions. These programmes also offer you the possibility to study at two institutes in two different countries. In that way you can experience different cultures.

International Tourism Management and Consultancy Dutch students and students from other nationalities can attend the International Tourism Management and Consultancy Programme (ITMC) after their first year of study. This programme is taught in English. Several specialization programmes are offered e.g. Sustainable Tourism Development. Students who wish to apply for ITMC should have completed at least one year of higher education at university level. Students who complete the full programme will be awarded the Dutch equivalent of a Bachelor's degree.

European Tourism Management The postgraduate programme European Tourism Management is an answer to the increasing demand for international managers in the tourism industry. It aims to produce potential managers for both private companies and public bodies involved in tourism. The necessary insight and understanding of the existing cultural differences between countries is essential for the future international manager. This is fostered by letting students work in international project teams.

Hospitality Management The Masters programme in Hospitality Management offers you a complete postgraduate programme. It will expose participants to hospitality management practitioners in major centres of European hospitality education. The purpose of this course is to meet the latest developments in the needs of the hospitality industry at managerial level.

Master of Business Administration Apart from the specialist Tourism programmes, NHTV offers the following Master programmes:

  • MBA European
  • MBA International Financial Management
  • MBA Human Resource Management
  • MBA European Social Work
  • MSc in Transport and Distribution Management

International student community The Institute hosts students from about 40 different nationalities. NHTV policy aims at a full internationalisation of both the curricula and the organisation.

Breda Breda is a city located in the south of The Netherlands at an hour's travel from both Amsterdam and Brussels. This historic city with 160,000 inhabitants and 16,000 students is full of atmosphere and is very much appreciated by students. NHTV The Netherlands Institute of Tourism and Transport Studies is a medium-sized university of professional education in The Netherlands (4100 students), specializing in logistics, physical planning, recreation, tourism, traffic management, and leisure studies. The Institute aims to be a centre of expertise in these disciplines. NHTV is also known for its increasingly international orientation. Specialisation programme: Sustainable Tourism Development Tourism is the world's largest industry and provides employment and livelihood for hundreds of millions of people. A downside, however, is that social and cultural structures, and natural environment suffer under its impact.

At the same time, the growth in tourism offers new possibilities for maintaining social and cultural integrity and for preserving the natural environment. To protect destinations for generations we have to counter the negative effects and work for a sustainable development of tourism in the future.

Stakeholders in tourism, destinations, tour operators, and tourists all have their own responsibilities for the sustainable development of tourism. NHTV has created - in co-operation with partners within European Tourism Management - the Chair for Sustainable Tourism Development. With this Chair NHTV wants to play an active role in contributing to sustainable tourism development through international education and research.

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