Learning German in Austria

Austria - a venue for people from various nations - is the ideal place to learn German, the mother tongue of more than 110 million people. Because of the economic and cultural status German speaking countries have achieved, knowledge of the German language has become more and more important.

To speak several languages is a must for young people desiring a career within our global society. By learning another language we increase our faculty to communicate with other people. There is no better place than Austria to do so. This country is well known as a popular meeting place, especially because of its easy-going and hospitable inhabitants. Humanity, tradition innovation and professional know-how are properly proportioned and appreciated.

First Class Tuition Just as esteemed professionalism characterises Austrian sportsmen and allows entrepreneurs to conquer risks, Austrian language schools are second to none. They offer intensive courses, individual tuition, German technical terms pertaining to various jobs and business German. Teaching methods are up to date. Teachers are requested to attend regular seminars to comply to the latest way of teaching.

Attractive Free-time Arrangements After hard studies relaxation and a nice chat are welcome. To visit a wine tavern or a renowned Viennese cafe is the best choice. There you can mix with native speakers and enter into conversation in no time. Students fond of sports will like the programme we suggest. It includes windsurfing, sailing on the Danube, biking, skating and skiing. Gorgeous pistes are within easy reach (one hours journey).

Cultural Life We treasure the cultural heritage left to us by the once Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. Vienna offers cultural events galore. We suggest an evening at the Opera House, a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts and another to the picture gallery in the Belvedere where you can admire the original painting of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. We also arrange for a walk along the vineyards where Beethoven rambled, and another time you can spend an evening listening and dancing to music by Strau?.

Tradition and Present Time Achievements You could look at the famous couch Sigmund Freud used to treat his patients on, but should you prefer something more modern, the Festival of Modern Music, the Ars Electronica or the Styrian Autumn are interesting events, some of the many performances following modern and ultra modern trends.

Examinations, Certificates We live in an age asking for proof of ones efficiency, so certificates are essential. Concerning your knowledge of German, we give you the chance to acquire the Austrian Language Diploma or you can sit for the examinations German as Foreign Language offered by the famous Goethe-Institut.

The certificates issued by the Goethe Institut are in great demand and acknowledged world-wide. The "Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache", the "Zentrale Mittelstufen-pr?fung" the "Zentrale Oberstufenpr?fung", the "Kleines and Grosses Sprachdiplom" are appreciated by employers and universities all over the world.

The examination Austrian Language Diploma (basic level), can be taken after a relatively short time of studies and is internationally accepted as proof of some knowledge of German. To enter an Austrian university we recommend sitting for the Austrian Language Diploma, intermediate level.

Austria situated in the heart of Europe, is a traditional and renowned meeting place for culturally different people and so we advise you to come to our country, experience its special flair and study German in Austria.

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