Financial advice for students

Most universities in the UK provide financial advice for their students, whether through a dedicated financial support service, or more informally through drop in centres and the Student Union.Financial advice

What financial advice can universities offer?

Student financial advice departments are there to help students with all aspects of managing their money. You can talk to them about:

  • Problems with applying for student grants or loans

  • Dealing with Student Finance England and the Student Loans Company

  • Information on alternative forms of financial support for students

  • Help with finding additional student funding from charities and trusts

  • Help with applications for additional funding

  • How to budget and lower your costs

Where else can I get student financial advice?

There are many student sites that provide financial advice, information and offers. Try the National Student for financial tips and lifestyle information, look at Student Money Saver for student offers and head to the Money Saving Expert for general tips on budgeting and managing your money.

Is there any support for foreign students?

You should register with your university’s international society on arrival. They will be able to provide you with information on how to set up a bank account, find a job and general help in settling in.

International students are subject to the same financial support for students as those from the UK, so you should contact your student information service for advice on who to contact if you are struggling financially.

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