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Moneygram for Students
Moneygram for Students. Making the most of your foreign exchange Leon Isaacs, Marketing Director of international money transfer service MoneyGram® offers financial advice to students who are planning to study abroad. Studying abroad provides memories that will never be forgotten. But there will also be challenges to overcome, not least managing your finances on a tight budget.

Opening a Bank Account in the UK
Opening a bank account in the UK. You will probably find out that you need to have your own UK bank account if you are planing to live, work and study in the UK for a short period.. This Guidance Note gives information about the services offered by UK banks, and how to open and operate a bank account while you are in the UK.

Funding Study Abroad
Funding Study Abroad. Finding funding to study abroad can be confusing at first. Each country will have a different way of paying for studying, while individual courses at different institutions with also have different prices. Research and planning are the keys to getting the best possible deal.

Funding to Study in the UK
There are many reasons why you might consider studying in the UK as an international student:

Student Money Tips
From funding study abroad to opening a bank account, sorting out your finances for studying abroad will be one of the most important - and difficult - issues you face.

Financial advice for students
Most universities in the UK provide financial advice for their students, whether through a dedicated financial support service, or more informally through drop in centres and the Student Union.