UK student grants

What is a student grant?

A UK student grant is a piece of funding that is given to a student who needs it. Student grants can be awarded for a variety of reasons, from the financial status of the person applying, to the subject they are studying.How to get a UK Student grants They are different from student scholarships or student loans.

What are the different types of student grant available?

Most grants for undergraduate students in the UK are based around the subject you choose and are offered by individual organisations. For example, the Wellcome Trust is one of the biggest providers of student grants in the UK, offering funding to students looking to study medical and science based degrees.

UK student grants are available in all sizes, from small £100 top-ups to fully-covered course fees and bursaries for living costs. Look at the following areas:

  • Subject-based grants

  • Student grants based on your country of origin

  • Undergraduate grants offered by your chosen university

  • Grants for international study

Am I entitled to a student grant?

You should check the eligibility of any grant you are interested in carefully before applying. Each student grant will have its own application criteria that you will have to meet. Make sure you research your options thoroughly before deciding on a particular UK student grant, and remember you can apply for more than one.

How do I apply for a student grant?

The key to applying for a student grant is to apply as early as possible and for as many grants as possible. You will want to have your funding in place before you start your course, so begin your grant hunting at least 18 months in advance.

Most grant-giving bodies will expect you to fill out an online application form when applying, with sections on the following:

  • What you are studying

  • Why the grant will help you

  • What you plan on spending it on

  • What makes you stand out as an applicant

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