UK student scholarships

What is a student scholarship?

A UK student scholarship is an amount of money given to a student to cover the costs of studying at a particular institution. Undergraduate scholarships are normally provided by universities or particular departments, but can also sometimes be provided by outside organisations like charities or government bodies.Student scholarship

What are the different types of UK student scholarships available?

Scholarships in the UK are divided into several different types, such as:

  • Academic excellence awards

  • Access to learning funding

  • Hardship grants

  • International student scholarships

  • Disabled students allowance

Academic excellence awards are scholarships for students who demonstrate exceptional levels of talent in a particular subject, whether through previous results, written papers or exam results. These are normally fully-funded scholarships which cover tuition fees and also living costs.

Access to learning scholarships are for students who have difficulty covering the cost of studying at university. Student scholarships in this area tend to cover study-related costs such as books, equipment, travel and some living costs. Access to learning scholarships do not normally cover tuition fees.

Hardship grants or maintenance scholarships are awards similar to access to learning scholarships. These UK scholarships are awarded to students who are unable to attend university without financial aid and often cover students coming to the UK with their families. Expect part payment of tuition fees and some living costs to be covered.

International student scholarships are the best source of funding available to students looking to come and study in the UK. These student scholarships are often targeted at students coming from specific countries and are offered by individual university departments.

Disabled students allowances are offered to students needing special equipment or care to come and study due to a disability. The relevant department will give more information on what is covered.

 Am I entitled to a student scholarship?

Any student looking to study in the UK can apply for a student scholarship. Check the relevant information on each scholarship for eligibility.

Check out Scholarship Search for more information.

How do I apply for a student scholarship?

Applications for UK student scholarships are fiercely competitive, so apply as early as possible. If you need a scholarship to actually get on your course, then you should start your funding applications up to 18 months in advance.

Applications are normally made directly to the university/department that is offering the scholarship. Some may ask you for an interview too.

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