Funding to Study in the UK

There are many reasons why you might consider studying in the UK as an international student: the multi-national community, the cultural opportunities, and the relatively low tuition fees compared to some universities in the US, for example.

The quality of UK Higher Education is known throughout the world, and many British universities are in the top 200 globally. Also, many UK degrees are shorter than those found in other countries – an undergraduate degree in the US is usually four years, whilst in the UK it is three.

Masters degrees in the US might be two years; in the UK they are more likely to be just one. The relative value of a UK university education makes it a good prospect for thousands of international students every year.

List of different types of Funding to study

Most international students cover the costs of their study in the UK through a variety of means:
  • Loans
  • Family support
  • Savings
  • Scholarships from home governments
  • Scholarships from charitable trusts
  • Scholarships, bursaries and grants from universities of choice
  • The United Nations/ European Commission

Students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) can work up to 20 hours during term time and full time during the holidays, so there is this possibility of doing this in order to support yourself and get some extra cash. EEA students can work without restrictions on numbers of hours.


British Chevening Scholarship
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides support for international students through this scheme, which offers approximately 2400 scholarships every year for graduates and young professionals from more than 150 countries. The money is provided for the recipients to gain skills that will benefit their own countries.

British Marshall Scholarships
40 scholarships are awarded annually to academically able US students, so that they can study at a UK university on either an undergraduate or a postgraduate course. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, a book grant, daily and research specific travel, air fares and, if required, a contribution towards the support of a dependent spouse.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan
Allowing talented students from across the commonwealth to study in the UK, in order that they will be able to make a valuable contribution to their own country afterwards. The scholarship is designed to foster the sharing of education across borders.

Marshall Sherfield Fellowships
Laboratory and research grants for US students who already hold a doctorate in science or engineering are available. The Fellowship covers research and lab costs, as well as travel and living expenses.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme
The Scheme is designed for Commonwealth students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to study in the UK, and who don’t qualify for other government grants.

Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme
For high quality students to undertake research in the UK – students should contact participating universities individually to see if they are eligible.

Fulbright Awards Programme
For US students to research or undertake postgraduate study. The Award covers maintenance and tuition for the first year.
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