English language courses

As a general rule, students often take a placement test as they enrol onto an English language course to determine what level of language knowledge they are at. These English course levels range from Beginner through Intermediate to Advanced.English courses

English language courses can be organised in small groups or one-to-one. At university, the one-to-one tuition is generally included as part of the course package, whereas at a language school it has to be requested.

Both English language schools and universities supply various facilities to their pupils, such as

  • Books/Study Guides

  • Digital media (CDs, DVDs, online study guides etc)

  • Outings/Class trips

English language course structure

As the fees are usually higher to study at university, they generally offer more facilities as inclusive to the course package, and can also offer general university facilities such as use of large libraries, computer suites  and sports centres.
All English language courses are generally focused around four main points:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Speaking

  • Listening

Within these four main areas of learning, English courses are generally organised with a mixture of:

  • Progress tests

  • Talk-based activities

  • Tutorials

  • Homework

  • Academic Counselling

  • Supportive Error Correction and constructive feedback

  • Outings to put skills to practical use

Taught or online English language courses?

Most would agree that practical English classes are the best for learning as you are taught and observed by experts with qualifications and years of experience. However, the higher cost often encourages some to search for online English courses, some of which are free. These are far less in-depth and rigorous but are cheaper and offer much more freedom to study around a busy lifestyle.

What sort of English test should I take?

The two main English language tests are the IELTS and the TOEFL exam. Each university or course will have a preference over which test you should take, so speak to the department you are applying. Find out more about English language certificates.

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