English language schools

Why should I study at an English language school?
The most structured and easily available way to study English is through an educational institution or at a UK English school. This will ensure you follow a focused curriculum and leave with a qualification that proves your command of the language.
What types of English language school are there?
The two most common places you can take an English Language course are at university or at a dedicated English language school studying for an English language certificate. Both options are similar in terms of the basics but often differ in the following:

  • size of classes - the schools will often be smaller

  • how regular the classes are - university classes will often be more regular

  • how they go about teaching - university is often more academic, school more practical

  • cost of fees - university is often more expensive

  • extra-curricular activities and social programme - university is often more varied

What if I want to study another subject but I need better language skills to do so?
Universities offer both stand-alone English Language courses (if you are only interested in learning English) and pre-sessional courses. The pre-sessional English language courses are designed to give you the language skills necessary to undertake different courses concerning different subjects, meaning that your weak language skills will not hold you back from studying anything in the UK.
The stand-alone English classes go into more depth and last far longer, and are designed to improve your language skills more generally rather than just for academic purposes.
Where should I go to study at an English language school?
The largest English Language Schools in England are The Central School of English and St George International, both in London, the English Language Centre in Brighton and ETC International College in Bournemouth. But there are schools, small and large, all over the country so it will be very easy to find one that suits your needs.
Almost all universities offer English Language courses, but make sure you are aware of the fees and whether the course is focused in a way that supports the type of learning you want to do, whether that is more academic or more practical.

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