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Planting a Degree
There are many ways you can study plant sciences at university.

Studying an accredited engineering courses program
Accredited Engineering Courses. The quickest route to senior jobs in the engineering profession is to obtain a degree in an engineering subject which is accredited by an engineering institution. It is the established path to becoming a Chartered Engineer and, increasingly, a route to Incorporated Engineer.

Study a Research Degree in the UK
A research degree can open up all sorts of career opportunities, but making the decision to spend three or four years concentrating on just one question can be hard. Starting, and, more importantly, finishing a research degree within a reasonable period is a big commitment in time, energy and money and it is important for potential research students to be sure that a research degree is really what they want to do.

British Undergraduate Degrees in Business

Undergraduate courses
Most undergraduate degrees in the UK last three years and lead to an honours degree in the subject. However, some undergraduate qualifications may last longer or lead onto postgraduate qualification. You can study an undergraduate degree in almost any subject, from architecture to zoology.

Postgraduate courses
Postgraduate qualifications allow you to study a subject in more depth or make a career change and take off in a different direction. You can study a Masters in almost any subject in the UK.

Why study for a degree in engineering?
When deciding on a particular degree course, many students are unaware of the vast opportunities that lie in the broad area of engineering. This problem arises since most people are unable to define exactly what type of work an engineer performs.