An Ideal Student Destination: Bonny Scotland

An Ideal Student Destination
Bonny Scotland

Looking for a study destination that has excellent facilities, a high standard of education, a welcoming attitude and beautiful surroundings? Look no further than Scotland. Whether it be Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee or Aberdeen, one of Scotland’s lively cities is bound to offer all that you want and more…

Student Life in Edinburgh

Life for students at Edinburgh revolves not only around its Universities and Colleges but also the city, widely regarded as one of Europe’s most attractive. Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh is not too large, even for many students who prefer to keep fit by travelling everywhere on foot. It is also a city of vistas, open spaces and greenery. Culturally, it hosts more festivals annually than any other city in the UK and it is rich in theatres, cinemas, concert halls, art galleries and sports stadia. Architecturally, its interest extends from Roman remains, through the mediaeval buildings on the castle rock and the famous eighteenth and nineteenth century planned ‘new town’ to the distinguished twentieth century buildings such as the new Museum of Scotland.

Some students at Edinburgh prefer to live in halls of residence (dormitories); others prefer flats (apartments) or homestays. When studying, they all spend a good deal of their time in the city’s libraries (some of the best in the UK) and laboratories; when relaxing, they have hundreds of clubs, societies and meetings they can attend. It is this combination of the appeal of a capital city and the academic attraction of its institutions which gives Edinburgh its undoubted popularity.

Author: Tom Barron, University of Edinburgh

Student Life in Dundee

Dundee is an important educational centre with two universities, a College of Education, a College of Nursing and Midwifery, and Dundee International College - one of Scotland’s largest colleges.

Dundee’s slogan - City of Discovery - is particularly apt as it has the highest proportion of students of any Scottish city, all discovering themselves, their subjects and how to enjoy life as a student in a place with lots to offer.

Student life in Dundee also offers the chance to discover Scotland’s magnificent scenery - the mountains and lochs, along with the many historic castles all within easy reach of the compact modern city sited at the mouth of the River Tay with its imposing road and railway bridges.

According to a recent survey, Dundee residents are the friendliest in Scotland and the cost of living is lower than any other Scottish city.

Rated as one of the top three medium-sized cities in the UK, Dundee offers a host of things to do - cinemas, theatres, sports facilities (including the recently opened Dundee International Sports Centre (one of the finest of its kind in the country), pubs, clubs, galleries and museums.

There’s always something new to discover in Dundee.

For further information contact: Bill Dower, Press Officer, Dundee College, Graham Street Campus, Dundee, UK

Student Life in Aberdeen

With a population of 240,000, of whom over 25,000 are students, Aberdeen offer an excellent range of facilities to suit all tastes. The two Universities here, The Robert Gordon University and the University of Aberdeen, have a combined international student population of approximately 2,000, which adds cultural fabric to the already cosmopolitan character of the city. Students are able to use both Student Unions, which gives the individual a wider choice of the many clubs and societies on offer, from basketball to archery, or windsurfing to chess. There is even the option of skiing in the nearby Highland mountains.

Regular international festivals of Youth, Music and Sport bring an interesting dimension to the city at various times during the year. The variety of entertainment available is extensive and dynamic. His Majesty’s Theatre, the UK’s top provincial venue, presents everything from international drama to West End musicals, celebrity performances and Christmas Pantomimes, and is also a favourite of The Scottish Ballet.

For music lovers, the offerings range from classical to modern with top names such as Oasis and David Bowie, not the mention the Scottish Opera. There are several cinemas and arts/media venues, as well as a huge choice of restaurants, pubs and clubs. And the good news is that most, if not all, have special discounts for students.

It is sometimes difficult to encourage students to visit a city which is seen to be so far north, but for those who do come to Aberdeen, the most difficult decision of all is having to leave at the end of their study.

Author: Phillippa Barry, Head of International Office, The Robert Gordon University

Student Life in Glasgow

Located on the banks of the River Clyde, Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city. In recent years it has undergone a renaissance that is the envy of post-industrial cities the world over and today is a truly dynamic cultural capital.

There are four universities in and around the city (Glasgow; Strathclyde; Paisley and Caledonian) and plenty of students to make full use of an impressive range of cultural, sporting, educational and leisure facilities.

The West End provides a focus for much of the city’s student culture. Here one can find an eclectic mix of cafes, bars, cinemas, theatres, museums, shops, parks and much more. More generally, Glasgow is renowned for its lively club scene and is widely recognised as one of Britain’s top night life venues.

Throughout the year Glasgow attracts more than its fair share of festivals and outdoor events, that turn the city into one big party. Most recently Glasgow has added to its list of accolades by winning the bid for City of Architecture and Design in 1999.

With so much to offer it’s not surprising that so many students choose to study in Glasgow each year.

Author: Marcus Ross, University of Paisley

This article first appeared in TransWorld Education

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