How to stay in touch with home

When you get to university, it can often  be hard to keep in touch with your nearest and dearest.  You’re most often caught up on campus, freshers’ week or even just finding your way around and familiarising yourself with your new country.   

Students, especially from abroad, can often be surprised at just how much it can cost to keep in touch even if time is not the issue.  International calls will be costly and receiving or sending packages can cost a small fortune. 

There’s no question, keeping in communicado is quite a mission but there are some easy, free and time saving ways everyone can use to reassure mother dearest you haven’t managed to kill yourself with your own attempts of cooking.

The internet: I would say this is the primary way to keep in touch.  It’s the cheapest, the quickest and the most convenient.  There are great services on the web for a multitude of different ways to keep in touch. Skype’s great for visual proof you’re not tattooed or under fed now that you’ve flown the nest and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are the fastest way for friends and family back home to see exactly what you’re up to.  Another great app is WhatsApp where photos, videos and messages can be sent via wifi for free on the go to any other mobile providing they also have the application.

Penmanship: There’s nothing more exciting than receiving post.  The envelope shrouds the handwritten delight in mystery and you get a cute stamp to add to your collection (if you have a collection). This is a great way to keep in touch with old pals back home.  It means you don’t have to write often and everything important from the last few weeks can be put down into a letter.  It also makes you feel a little more sophisticated and eccentric than pressing send from your hotmail and the letter looks great pinned to your noticeboard too.

Telephone calls: Phone calls are necessary every once in a while, but this can be expensive and time consuming.  Best leave this one for special occasions such as birthdays or gossip that just can’t wait.
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