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Renting accommodation in the UK
Renting accommodation can be a difficult and frustrating experience. Generally, most international students will be offered accommodation on campus.

Student Accommodation and living costs in the UK
Living in the UK is not cheap. Student accommodation, transport and study aid costs all add up.

Finding a Flatmate in the UK.............Not that Easy
Moving out of student halls and into your own rented flat or house gives you a huge sense of freedom, but can also leave you with a huge pile of bills. Flatmates provide the perfect solution. If you thought getting to university was a chance to spread out in your own space, then think again. Understanding how to live with other people's quirks and characteristics is part of life, especially at university. That's why it's so important to live with the right people - and the right "flatmate wanted" ad can guarantee you find someone who doesn't make you dread being at home.