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Eating Out in the UK - Guide for Students
Eating Out in the UK - Guide for Students. One of the many areas where you may have to make certain cuts when traveling to the UK on a tight budget, is the food that you eat.

Why Study in Scotland
Why Study in Scotland. Myths and mountains, lochs and legends - Scotland’s stunning scenic splendour acts as a magnet for visitors from all over the globe. Superb as it is, Scotland’s charismatic charm is more than just visual. Rich in history and heritage this ancient nation can trace its origins back over 14 centuries when the ‘Scots’ tribe from Ireland who had carved out their new Kingdom of Dalriada from land held by the Picts in the 5th Century, eventually gave their name to the united nation of Picts and Scots - Scotland.

Are you planning to study in the UK
Are you planning to study in the UK. Are you planning to study in the UK? Are you looking forward to an exciting time, with high expectations of life in Britain? If you have been to the UK already, then you will roughly know what to expect. If it is your first time in the country - and perhaps your first time abroad - you may find that settling in is not an automatic process but that it requires a bit of effort.

Climate & Clothing in the U.K.