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The future is bright. The future is LANGUAGES!

At University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) we value students' futures as much as they do themselves. All our courses are designed with their success and their future employment in mind.

Based near the Lake District in the new city of Preston, UCLan has one of the country's foremost Language Departments, consistently ranked in the top ten in national surveys. A range of different degree courses are offered by the Department of Languages and International Studies, most of them with a distinct employment focus. The courses include quality work placements abroad where students get to live the language they are studying while enhancing their personal curriculum vitae. Preparing them for this residence abroad are course options in Business Languages which attune students to relevant aspects of business life in the foreign culture. We place strong emphasis on work-related skills alongside development of language skills. Students normally obtain paid work placements and receive monies from the European Union to pay for travel and subsistence expenses.

As well as an extensive portfolio of courses, we offer a wide range of languages to our students: English as Foreign Language, French, German Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese and Urdu. These can be combined in an array of combinations which few institutions can match. Students whose first language is not English, but who have studied EFL for several years, will be interested in the Diploma or degree in English for International Business or English for International Corporate Communication.

The Department is well equipped to support its students' studies not only through its strong links with both public and private institutions abroad but through a comprehensive range of language learning facilities in a dedicated centre for technology enhanced language learning. Also very significant is our tutorial system which provides advice and guidance on a personal basis to students throughout their studies.

Increasingly, international students come to do a final year at UCLan. Given prior study at an appropriate level, in just one academic year they can gain a British BA(Hons) degree qualification in one of the following: Languages with Tourism, Languages for International Business, Modern Languages, EIB or EICC.

International companies are seeking potential managers with well developed personal qualities and evaluation and organisational strengths in addition to language skills. Our courses provide exactly that preparation for a future of continuous management of change; not surprisingly our record of graduate employment is impressive with many students going on to international careers in business, accounting and merchant banking. It's a myth that all language graduates go on to become teachers and translators. It's fact that a degree in languages prepares you better for the job market than popular degree subjects like media studies.

If you are interested in making the most of your future you should request further information on one of these courses mentioned above. You are under no obligation whatsoever by doing so. It could, however, make a big difference to your career.

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