UCAS How to apply

Making an application

All applications for entry to courses offered at universities and colleges in the UK in 2006 are made online. This can be accessed on the UCAS website which provides a secure, web based, online application system requiring no installation.

Apply has full instructions and online help text. There is also a guide called Applying Online, available as a pdf, which has the background information for all sections of Apply.

Apply can be used anywhere where there is access to the internet. Applications are stored at UCAS while they are being completed so there are no data storage problems.

The system gives instant feedback by automatically validating important details like date of birth and course codes. Any mistake can be corrected immediately. The Course Search on the UCAS website has the latest course details and this ensures that the correct details for the choices are always entered into an application.

Application details can be checked and printed at any time. Once it is complete it is sent on-line to UCAS where it is normally processed within one working day.

If you do not have access to the internet, please contact our Customer Relations Team on +44 (0)870 1122211.

Your school, college or local British Council office can help you with your application. You can also contact UCAS or the admissions tutors for the courses you have chosen at anytime for help. UKCOSA has published a useful set of guidance notes for students that may help you with your application

Information about the reference on your application

Who should write the reference? The reference is intended to help universities and colleges to assess your suitability for the courses for which you have applied. It should be written in English by one of your teachers/tutors or someone who is able to comment with authority on your academic ability and potential to succeed on your chosen programme of study.

The reference on your application should be completed by someone who knows you well enough to write about you but is not:

  1. a member of your family
  2. a relative
  3. a friend

When to apply

Students from EU countries If you are a student of any nationality applying from an EU country, we should have received your application form by 15 January, for entry in the year 2006. The closing date for applications to Oxford and Cambridge, and for applications to medicine, dentistry and veterinary science/medicine was 15 October 2005, for entry in the year 2006. Forms received after these dates are treated as late. Any application forms we receive after 30 June 2006 will go through the Clearing process (see below).

Students from outside the EU If you are a student of any nationality applying from a non-EU country, we will process your application and send copies to the universities and colleges you have chosen at any time between now and 30 June 2006 for entry in the year 2006. For applications to courses in art and design, please see below. Most applicants apply well before 30 June and, if you want to increase your chances of getting a place on your chosen course, you should not wait until then to apply. We cannot guarantee that applications for places on popular courses at some universities and colleges will be considered if we receive the application after 15 January 2006. You should check with individual universities and colleges if you are not sure.

If you think that you may be assessed as a 'home' student (UK or EU) for fee purposes, you should have applied by 15 January 2006, exactly the same as if you were applying from an EU country.

If you apply early, this will give you enough time to make immigration, travel and accommodation arrangements. These arrangements may take a lot of time, particularly during the summer when immigration departments are extremely busy. So give yourself the best chance and apply as early as possible.

If you are a student from a non-EU country wishing to apply to one choice only, and you already have the necessary qualifications, you may apply at any time in the applications cycle. However, before applying you should contact UCAS or your chosen university or college for advice.

Any applications that we receive after 30 June 2006 will go through the Clearing process (see below).

Courses in art and design There are two routes through which you can apply for courses in art and design, Route A (simultaneous) and Route B (sequential). Each has a different timetable.

Route A (simultaneous) - the closing date for Route A applications is 15 January 2006 for entry in the year 2006.

Route B (sequential) - you can apply for Route B courses between 1 January and 24 March 2006 for entry in September or October 2006. We recommend that you apply by 8 March 2006 to avoid the last-minute rush. Any applications that we receive after 12 June 2006 will go through the Clearing process (see below).

Selectors normally interview you and look at your portfolio of work before they decide whether or not to offer you a place. To find out what arrangements can be made for sending your portfolio and whether or not you will be interviewed, contact the universities and colleges. You should do this before you fill in your application.

What happens after you have applied? Each university and college that you list will receive your application. They will only be sent the details of course(s) that you have applied for at that university or college. We then send you an acknowledgement letter and the booklet, 'Advice for Applicants'. This gives you detailed information about how we process your application and tells you what you need to do at each stage.

The universities and colleges decide whether or not to offer you a place and then send their decisions to us. We will tell you what their decisions are and then ask you to accept or decline the offers you have received. When we have heard from you, we will tell the universities and colleges what you have decided.

When a university or college knows that you have accepted a place, it will contact you and send you all the information you need about coming to the UK and arrangements for your arrival and registration.

Clearing We run a special service called Clearing in August and September. This allows students to find a suitable place on courses which are not yet full. We will send you Clearing details straightaway if you need them.

If we receive your application after 30 June (or 12 June for art and design Route B applications), it will go through the Clearing process.

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