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Can learning a language get me a job?
LEARN A LANGUAGE... GET A JOB Recent reports have revealed that he UK has Europe's biggest concentration of telephone call centres.

Women in Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering as a discipline and a profession in the UK and Europe was dominated by

The Teaching Awards - Making a difference and being recognised for it!
For many of us teachers can play a significant part in shaping our everyday future. A good teacher can indeed make the difference for the individual and can even have a profound effect on them for the rest of their lives.

Becoming a Teacher - Teacher Training in England & Wales
Teaching is an important and increasingly popular choice of career for all kinds of people. Whatever your circumstances – if you're still at school, about to graduate, or looking for a change of direction – there are more ways to enter the profession and more support available to help you get there than ever before.

Choosing a Postgraduate Programme