The Teaching Awards - Making a difference and being recognised for it!

For many of us teachers can play a significant part in shaping our everyday future. A good teacher can indeed make the difference for the individual and can even have a profound effect on them for the rest of their lives.

The Teaching Awards Trust, an independent charity established in 1998, holds a ceremony each year to award teachers who have excelled in their career.

By awarding the teachers nominated, the trust aims to not only promote the excellent work of ordinary teachers but to also highlight and celebrate the process of teaching - both on a national platform and in every community across the country. It also promotes the benefits of why students should join the teaching profession and shares in the good practises of others.

The Trust, which is supported by all political parties and teaching associations, is also supported by the BBC, which is committed to promoting the Teaching Awards by covering all the relevant events on radio and television. Last year the ceremony was hosted by Carol Smilie and awards were distributed to talented teachers throughout the UK by a host of popular celebrities.

David Bennett won the BT Award for the Secondary Teacher of the Year. David Bennett, a teacher at Babington Community College in Leicester was thrilled to have just been nominated b his colleagues and pupils let alone to have won the award. His Vice- principals said, "He is restless in pursuit of the best. He is an inspiration. He has influenced the life of a great number of students. It is teachers like him that make the difference"

He has worked at Babington College, which is situated in a socially deprived area of Leicester, for over twelve years where he has recently taken on his current post as the Head of Humanities. During his time at Babington, he has demonstrated the ability to motivate even the most diffident of young people and his lessons were consistently graded by OFSTED as very good or excellent.

It is also clear to see why all teachers in training are taken to see his lessons as examples of good practice. As well as his excellent practises within the classroom Mr Bennett also organised outdoor visits to develop team-building skills with pupils. He also organised a celebration evening for pupils and parents as part of the National Religious Education Festival which was one of the best attended evenings ever seen at the college.

Through the hard work of individuals such as David Bennett and also charity's such as the Teachers Awards Trust we are able to see how teaching can be regarded by many as an exciting and rewarding career. So….whilst you are considering your future university choices think about those teachers who have built your confidence and inspired you along the way and consider whether you feel that you have something to give back. 'Cos those who can…teach!

If you would like to find out more information on training to become a teacher then contact the Teaching Training Agency information line on 0845 6000991


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