Why you should study in the UK

Britain has long enjoyed a widely envied reputation for providing outstanding further and higher education opportunities not just for its own citizens but for the commonwealth and the world community. British educational qualifications are probably more universally trusted and respected than those of any other country.
General Considerations

Fast Track To Success

Induction Programmes for Overseas Students

International Students with Disabilities

The UK Council for Overseas Student Affairs

Part 1 GNVQs - What are they?

The Future of U.K Professional and Vocational Qualifications

Studying abroad and culture shock

Which Books should you buy?

Anglo-American Exchanges

Distance Learning

Debating Distance?

Distance Learning
The defining feature of distance learning is that you do not need to attend the awarding university/institution in person.

Why Distance Learning
To describe a distance lea
rning student is rather like trying to give a definition of the human race, excluding perhaps babies and small children.

General Information

Preparing for Education Exhibitions

The Education Counselling Service


Study abroad in the UK - How to go about applying

UCAS 2005 How to apply

Further Information Form

How to Avoid those Interview Blues

Campus Life

Your First Year at University - A Freshers Guide

The Student Union

The National Union of Students


UK Scholarships

Scholarships and Awards

Sources of Funding for international students

Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate Courses in the UK

Why study a postgraduate course?

Thinking of a Postgraduate Education?

Choosing a Postgraduate Programme

Is Research Right for Me?


Renting in the UK

How to find a flatmate

Renting Checklist


Links to all British Universities

University Colleges and Institutes

Immigration and Employment

Student Visas for The United Kingdom

Visa Applications - General considerations

British Immigration and Visa Requirements for Students

Will I be able to work while I am a student in the U.K.

You can bank on it - Opening a bank account in the UK

Further Education

Further Education in the UK

Further Education Colleges in the U.K.

Possible Destinations

Birmingham - Truly, an International City

Focus on Wales

Study in York

Let it be Liverpool

The West Coast of Wales: A peaceful place to study

Studying in the South-East of England

Why Choose Leeds?

The City of Hull and its region

Studying in the West Midlands

Study in Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland - an education in itself
Study in Scotland

Why Choose Scotland?

An Ideal Student Destination - Bonny Scotland

Scotland tops the table for quality of life

Failte Don Scotland

Why Study in Glasgow

The Stirling Area

Living & Learning

Are You Prepared for Learning Shock?

Food Glorious Food..!

Climate & Clothing in the U.K.

The “Family doctor”

How to Revise

Making the most of your foreign exchange

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