Fashion Your Future

Fashion Your Future

What could be better than studying Fashion in one of the top Fashion Cities of the world? London is again seen as the place where Fashion is at the cutting edge, where ideas start and events happen. Well-established Fashion Designers are visiting London for inspiration, and it can be seen at the Clubs and out on the street as well as in the stores.

There are so many levels and quality of fashion to be seen, from the Haute Couture boutiques in Knightsbridge to the market stalls in Camden. For the prospective student of fashion it can be a daunting task to choose the right course, as there are many fashion careers to follow, from Fashion Designer to Fashion Management and everything in between. If you cannot decide on a particular aspect of Fashion, taking a Foundation Course will give you a taste of several options - textile printing, embroidery, photography, illustration - and may strengthen your ideas. The full-time Fashion programmes vary in content and structure with the emphasis may be more on the creative, aesthetic side of Designing or perhaps the more prosaic side of fashion business.

College courses are often taught on a modular basis, allowing you to change your options within certain guidelines as you progress with your studies, and as long as you gain the required study points you will obtain your Qualification in time. Entry requirements for a full-time fashion course can vary, and you do not always have to have studied the traditional Art subjects. However, a good standard of general education is always required, and if you are not sure how your exams compare with the UK equivalent, you can ask the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) for advice. They will be able to provide you with a statement showing the comparable UK level.

If you are not sure if your level of English is adequate for the course, you can test yourself by visiting a British Council Office which runs the International Language Testing Scheme (IELTS). Many colleges require the English test certificate to show that you have at least reached the O.5 intermediate level of language and comprehension. You can now test yourself if you have access to the Internet by using:

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The Internet is bringing another dimension to Fashion Studies. Not only can you surf the Net for the latest Fashion Shows and fashion related articles, you can also call up detailed business statistics which can help with a project or essay and get general advice on renewing your visa. The Internet is international and can be accessed anywhere.

Studying in London will also give you, a broader experience of life in the subject you are following, with its London’s rich heritage of Museums and Art Galleries to provide you with many design ideas, and ever changing Exhibitions and Fashion Shows to inspire you. London is a cosmopolitan city, with its multitude of restaurants catering to all showing just how diverse London is. I am often asked if London is a dangerous city, and have to reply that it is no more dangerous than any other large city. There are many tourists as well as long stay students from all nationalities, and it will not take long before you find a group to fit in with and have some fun.

One place to consider is American InterContinental University in London which makes it possible to fit education into your schedule, and nurtures your achievement with incredible support.

The advantages of studying fashion in London are many. Looking at fashion in a different context, by comparing the life and culture that influences fashion design, is a valuable addition to your studies, and by the time you have completed your course, you will be much better equipped to deal with the international market that is Fashion.

Author: Jenny Shoben, London Centre for Fashion Studies, UK

This article first appeared in TransWorld Education 

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