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Marketing - the Essential Business Discipline
Marketing is essential to the business world but students sometimes do not realise that they can study Marketing as a discipline in its own right. They are also often not aware that they can commence their studies at a variety of levels, including Master’s.

Focus on Accountancy
For those seeking a challenging business career with unlimited development opportunity and a professional qualification respected the world over, accountancy is hard to beat. Unrivalled career prospects exist for graduates or ‘A’ level school-leavers with talent, commitment and ambition.

International Business Studies
There has been a recent increase in provision of business courses offering a specific international flavor, developed both in UK institutions and overseas.

Business and Social Sciences
Business makes the world go round. From becoming a head of industry to setting up your own business, this is the area for ambitious students looking to make a difference.

Studying Law and Social Sciences
The social sciences are at the heart of the British university system.

What should a Business Education give you?
There is a strong argument that in the future everyone will need to have had a business education. Whatever you do in your professional life, the chances are that it will involve some ‘business’. Scientists, engineers, even artists, will inevitably have to understand at least the basics of business, and probably a lot more.