Your Future in Design

The Chartered Society of Designers (CSD) is Europe’s largest professional body representing design and designers and gives the following guidance to would-be design students.

Before you start reading this article, take a look around you. The window, the desk, the chair, this publication: everything has been ‘designed’ because someone made a decision, conscious or otherwise, on the way it would look.

Design is, however, about more than appearance. Good design is equally concerned with function: a well-designed chair not only looks good, but is also comfortable; a well-designed teapot is elegant, but also pours well; a well-designed car is something to covet, but is also economical on fuel, doesn’t pollute, doesn’t rust and doesn’t need servicing every week.

Things that work well have been designed to work well.

When you consider design as a career option, you may initially think of high fashion, restaurant interiors or magazine graphics. Fine. But think again!

Design affects every aspect of our lives. Products from cars to cups and from beds to binoculars, all have to be designed, as do shops, homes, schools, hospitals, factories and offices.

Packaging design includes the shape of the container as well as the box it comes in; fashion includes trainers and t-shirts, shoes, hats, knitwear and workwear as well as the creations featured in Vogue; and graphics includes newspapers, books, advertisements, film titles and a hundred-and-one other things.

Design is challenging and stimulating. It is an integral part of any successful business and is one of the UK’s biggest export earners. It is hard work, but enormously varied and rewarding. After all, what could be more exciting than to see an idea progress from concept to completion?

Sir Terence Conran once told a group of young people:

“Young designers hold the key to the future. Design gives you the opportunity to shape every aspect of our lives in the 21st century.”

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